• Consumer protection legislation

    There are various laws that are designed to protect consumers and which apply to businesses who make available air travel.  Some of these can be accessed here:

    Official Record Series 3

    The ORS 3 includes information that is required to be published by the ATOL and ATT Regulations, including: the format of the ATOL Certificate, the required wording for Agency Agreements, the ATOL and Accredited Body Standard Terms and Exemptions from the need to ATOL and ATT Regulations.

    Policy publications

    Our ATOL Policy and Regulations documents provide information on different aspects of the ATOL scheme, including our criteria for assessing Fitness and Finances.

    We have also published, with the OFT, advice on the requirements of consumer law which are applicable to the sale and advertising of flights and holidays: CAP1014  & CAP1015

    ATOL Compliance and Consumer enforcement

    The main purpose of the CAA’s enforcement role is to protect consumers and the public by encouraging compliance with rules applicable to civil aviation and to deter non-compliance. In most cases we take an educational and advisory role, but on occasions we will have to act, which may include prosecuting a business or individual.

    More on our approach towards the enforcement of the ATOL Regulations can be found here.

    More on our enforcement of consumer law can be found here.

    More on our role in enforcement and prosecutions can be found here.