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Why is it Important?

As the industry continues its recovery from COVID-19 and flights start to significantly rise reporting safety occurrences has never been more important. As well as helping to raise direct issues it also helps us and operators to see emerging trends and act before they develop into a more serious issue.

Significant reports are immediately shared with our safety teams for them to investigate and all reports help with our extensive analysis of the state of the UK industry. So, even if you don’t get a direct response from us when you submit a report to your operator, or direct to the CAA, it is being used to develop our oversight and planning.

Reports directly lead to positive changes that prevent incidents so please report anything that you feel could have an impact on aviation safety.

Examples include:

  • Reports from operators of issues with an engine led to the evidence being used to further investigate, preventing further issues
  • Reports of occurrences in UK airspace involving an airline enabled us to contact its national authority and work with them to improve performance
  • Reports of issues with approach speeds at an airport that resulted in go-arounds were investigated resulting in advice being given to crews that reduced the issue. Although not a direct safety issue it increased efficiency for other aircraft in the pattern and improved performance for that operator

The whole industry, your employer, and the CAA support just culture in aviation – protecting you and making it easier for you to report.

Also, confidential reporting via CHIRP and the CAA's  whistleblowing reporting scheme are available.

For more detail and to report an occurrence direct to the CAA visit our occurrence webpages occurrence-reporting

Transcript for The Importance of Occurrence Reporting