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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.

Aircraft Accident Report AAR 2/2023 - Sikorsky S-92A, G-MCGY

Safety Recommendation: 2023-028

Safety Recommendation Text

2023-028: It is recommended that the UK Civil Aviation Authority includes the appropriate downwash guidance relevant to hospital helicopter landing sites in one published document.

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CAA latest update

CAP1264 Version 2 was published on 11 March 2024 with a new Section 2 – Heliport Operations, which now includes a consolidated chapter concerning the mitigation of helicopter downwash.

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Adequate - Closed

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Safety Recommendation: 2023-029

Safety Recommendation Text

2023-029: It is recommended that the UK Civil Aviation Authority, in conjunction with the Onshore Safety Leadership Group and the relevant NHS organisations in the UK, develop and promulgate enhanced risk management guidance for hospital helicopter landing sites, and provide information on the range and use of potential mitigations for the protection of uninvolved persons from helicopter downwash.

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CAA latest update

The CAA accepts this recommendation and has initiated the following workstreams.


  • The OnSLG HHLS Sub Committee met post publication of the Derriford Report and the Chair presented an Action Plan reporting to all of the AAIB’s Recommendations. The OnSLG will continue to work closely with the CAA and NHS in order to ensure close cooperation across all workstreams.
  • The stated tasks in Recommendation 2023-29 are ‘to develop and promulgate enhanced risk management’ and ‘provide information on the range and use of potential mitigations’. Both will be achieved by a number of coordinated workstreams, including:
    • a.) Version 3 of CAP1264 to include specific and detailed chapters on:
      • Downwash
      • Risk Assessments
      • Heliport Operations Manual (HOM - see below)
      • ACANS (see below)
      • Case studies and examples.
      • Templates for Standardisation
    • b.) The development of a Heliport Operations Manual. This will mirror the system used for a regulatory AOC Operations Manual suite as follows:

Section Titles


Part A

1. Administration and Control of Manual

2. Organisation and Responsibilities

3. Operational Control and Supervision

4. Safety Management

5. Compliance Monitoring

6. Qualification Requirements

7. Dangerous Goods

8. Security

9. Handling and Notification of Accidents / Incidents

Site Specific Procedures

Part B

1. Normal Procedures

2. Emergency Procedures

3. Minimum Equipment List

4. Helicopter Operating Procedures

Change Management

Part C

1. Heliport Change Notification

2. Heliport Safeguarding Procedures

3. Operator / Airdesk Contact Details


Part D

1. Awareness Course Applicability

2. Management Course Applicability

3. Training Records

  • c.) The CAAi led ‘Responsible Person HHLS Awareness Training Courses’ are now being offered to all NHS Trusts and the initial uptake has been very positive, with courses fully booked into 2024.
  • d.) ACANs is currently used by all Blue Light Operators as an EFB mapping and information tool. Discussions with Airbox (developer of ACANS) indicate that a number of cross usage (Hospital and Operators) developmental safety features would be possible. These include:
    • HHLS Warnings
    • HHLS Incident Reporting
    • HHLS ‘Traffic Light’ system
    • Possible Webcam integration
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