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After reviewing over 800 breath-taking entries, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced four winners for its drone photography campaign and competition – #ShotOnMyDrone.

Designed to both highlight the extraordinary images that drones can capture and educate people on how to use drones safely while exploring the UK’s beautiful towns, cities, and countryside, drone users were invited to submit images to four categories: urban day, urban night, countryside, and Christmas.

  • The overall winner for the competition, and of the urban night category, is Andy Wells who captured the liveliness of a Poole roundabout illuminated in the darkness by surrounding cars and buildings.

a picture of a roundabout at night taken by drone

  • Best countryside shot is awarded to Glen Cairns, whose photo of the Glenfinnan railway viaduct on the West Highland Line in Scotland captures the area’s astounding natural beauty.

photo of the Glenfinnan viaduct taken by drone

  • For the Christmas image award, Steve Banner’s shot of Little Haywood Staffordshire in December captures the town as it is covered by snow, transporting viewers back to joy of the festive period.

photo of a train in the snow taken by drone

  • Andy Betts won the urban day category for his vibrant image taken in Kent, featuring a striking rainbow of lorries.

photo of lorries from the air taken by drone

Employees at NATS, the main air traffic control provider in the United Kingdom, also selected a winner. Matt Hoyland’s stunning photograph of the Menai Strait in North Wales will be displayed at one of their key centres.

photo of the Menai Strait taken by drone

The entries were judged by CAA Chair and keen photographer Sir Stephen Hillier; Anna Henly, an award-winning professional photographer, drone pilot and photography tutor; and Editor of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerospace magazine Tim Robinson.

The winning images, all captured from 400ft or below, are exhibited at the prestigious London headquarters of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Sir Stephen Hillier, Civil Aviation Authority Chair, said: "We’ve had over 800 entries and I’ve been absolutely amazed at the high standards that we have seen. All of the submissions, particularly those of our four winners, show what can be achieved with this incredible technology. It is also really important for the Civil Aviation Authority to sponsor a competition like this because it helps encourage responsible drone usage, while helping to ensure that drones are properly integrated in our airspace.”

Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director of Communications at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “We’ve been really impressed by the stunning images submitted to the #ShotOnMyDrone competition. It shows the incredible enthusiasm and engagement from the community. As an exciting way to take pictures and explore the UK, we know that the number of drone users will continue to increase. Of course, as this community grows, it’s key is that we continue to make sure that users comply with our Dronecode, wherever they may be flying, to share our airspace safely.”

For more information on drone safety and the laws covering drone flying please go to www.caa.co.uk/drones

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Alternatively, you can email on: press.office@caa.co.uk (monitored during office hours). 

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About Anna Henly

Anna is an award-winning professional photographer (including a BBC wildlife photographer of the year winner). Edinburgh Photographer | Anna Henly Photography