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UK-EU Transition

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Post Implementation Review

The purpose of the PIR is for the CAA, as the independent regulator, to assess whether the change has delivered the anticipated impacts and benefits set out in the original airspace change proposal and decision, and if not to ascertain why and determine the most appropriate course of action.

PIR due date

4 Feb 2017

Details of the PIR submission requirements.

Scope and objectives of the review determined and our confirmation of the data requirements issued to the organisation that requested the change.

23 May 2016
London City Airport will be collating feedback on the changes to the replicated departure and arrival procedures flightpaths which were proposed in the LAMP Phase 1A Module B change proposal. Comments on the replicated departure and arrival procedures should be sent to London City airport at: environment@londoncityairport.com. 24 Jun 2016

PIR initiation date

2 Jun 2017
Data received from sponsor 2 Jun 2017

The CAA is aiming to complete the PIR of Modules A, D and B by Christmas 2017 and will publish the results when that work is complete. Thereafter, the CAA will complete the PIR of Modules C and E, after which we will publish the final outcome when that work is complete.

16 Oct 2017
While the LAMP Phase 1 A PIR is ongoing, the CAA has discovered a technical issue which requires further investigation with the relevant change sponsor. The publication of the final CAA analysis report for Modules A, B and D will therefore be delayed. At this stage, we anticipate the target for publication is 31 January 2018. In the meantime, we have advised the relevant sponsor to investigate the issue and advise us accordingly. 15 Dec 2017

Sponsor's analysis

Data collection by the sponsor  
CAA PIR assessment  
The CAA has now completed its technical assessment of Modules A, B & D of the LAMP 1A post implementation review. These concern the departure routes of London City, London Stansted and London Luton Airport to determine whether the changes implemented by those airports meet the objectives of the initial airspace change proposals. 13 Jul 2018

Publication of our report

PIR Analysis Complete  

The CAA has completed the PIR of the LAMP 1A airspace change proposal. CAP 1692 summarises the outcomes of the five individual LAMP Phase 1A modules. A further five reports (CAP 1692A to CAP 1692E) cover each of the five Modules A to E.

These reports include links to relevant PIR track data diagrams and supporting data where applicable. These links (shown in Bold Red Font) appear in the reports as a cross reference to the supporting material (e.g. A01) to enable interested parties to relate the impacts described in the report to the resultant traffic patterns arising from the changes. Links to the files are also set out below under LAMP 1A PIR data provided by the sponsor.

As a result of our analysis, the CAA has concluded that the LAMP 1A PIR does show that the proposal has been implemented and operated as expected.

The CAA’s airspace change process for the LAMP Phase 1A airspace change request dated 16 February 2015 has now concluded.
23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018

Data provided by the sponsor

Module A – London Stansted SID Switch data

Module B - London City RNAV-1 Replications data

B01 B01-B DensityKey 23 Ocotber 2018
B02 B02-B10 B14 Commentary 23 October 2018
B03 B03-B8 B9 B10 Data, Commentary 23 October 2018
B04 B04-B-Env1-Leq 23 October 2018
B05 B05-B10-Density-E-Arr-40-00-LoRes 23 October 2018
B06 B06-B10-Density-W-Arr-40-00-LoRes 23 October 2018
B07 B07-B14-Density-E-SID-BPK-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B08 B08-B14-Density-E-SIDs-00-70-LoRes 23 October 2018
B09 B09-B14-Density-E-SID-CLN-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B10 B10-B14-Density-E-SID-DVR-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B11 B11-B14-Density-W-SID-BPK-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B12 B12-B14-Density-W-SID-CLN-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B13 B13-B14-Density-W-SIDs-00-70-LoRes 23 October 2018
B14 B14-B14-Density-W-SID-DVR-00-40-LoRes 23 October 2018
B15 B15-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2013-06-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B16 B16-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-02-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B17 B17-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-05-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B18 B18-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-08-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B19 B19-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-11-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B20 B20-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2013-06-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B21 B21-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-02-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B22 B22-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-05-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B23 B23-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-08-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B24 B24-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-11-LC-SID-E-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B25 B25-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2013-06-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B26 B26-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-02-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B27 B27-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-05-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B28 B28-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-08-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B29 B29-B14-Whisker-Multi-1000ftInt-2016-11-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B30 B30-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2013-06-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B31 B31-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-02-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B32 B32-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-05-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B33 B33-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-08-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B34 B34-B14-Whisker-Multi-Blocks-2016-11-LC-SID-W-Wide-00-70-200-OS-250K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B35 B35-B14-Whisker-Multi-ROMFORD-LC-SID-W-00-70-OS-50K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B36 B36-B14-Whisker-Multi-STRONGWIND-2016-02-LC-SID-W-00-70-OS-50K-LoRes 23 October 2018
B37 B37-B10-Whisker-StrongWindGoArounds-2016-02-LC-Arr-W-40-00-LoRes 23 October 2018
B38 B38-B15_Final complaints submission dataV1 23 October 2018
B39 B39-B15_LAMP localised complaints 23 October 2018
Close Module B - London City RNAV-1 Replications data

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