• Safety data sourced from the SSP inputs are analysed as part of the CAA regulatory activities and outputs include:

    • Performance based oversight analysis in support of audit activities (see Oversight of industry).
    • Specific risk analyses in support of the regulatory safety management system (see Safety plans).
    • Routine provision of dashboards and safety performance indicators covering various subjects, for example:
      • mid-air collision risk
      • safety strategy board
      • laser attacks on aircraft

    Safety analysis across the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories varies. Each of the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories State Safety Programmes should be referred to for detail, links to them can be found on the SSP stakeholders page.

    Safety data is shared with the European Aviation Safety Agency and other European civil aviation authorities through the European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS) European Central Repository (ECR).

    Anonymised reports are shared extensively within the aviation industry allowing the CAA and others to analyse for trends so that action can be taken to prevent further occurrences.

    The MAA Analysis and Plans Division gathers, analyses and assesses air safety information in order to present a single unified risk picture for defence aviation from which the MAA can prioritise the delivery of regulatory outcomes.

    Data is shared externally through a Memorandum of Understanding with the CAA which includes information sharing arrangements, and cooperation in the UK Airprox Board and a number of joint committees.

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