• The CAA oversees Safety Management Systems (SMSs) in line with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) implementing rules. SMSs are how industry manages its safety risks. More information can be found in CAP795, Safety Management Systems – Guidance to Organisations. For approvals sitting outside the EASA system, the CAA will consider whether to apply SMS to these approvals through the ANO. Further guidance on SMS implementation can be found here: www.caa.co.uk/sms

    We expect the UK aviation industry to consider both the UK State Safety Programme and the respective safety plans (for UK industry this would be the CAA Safety Plan) as part of their activities. Especially when implementing SMS and in determining their safety objectives and safety performance indicators.

    The UK supports a collaborative approach between the aviation regulators working closely with industry on safety improvement activities and the sharing of safety information. This is achieved through regulator participation in industry forums and running workshops and conferences for industry.

    The Military Regulatory Publication (MRP) Regulatory Article (RA) 1200 - Defence Air Safety Management requires all organisations directly or indirectly involved in defence aviation to set up and maintain an effective Air Safety Management System (ASMS). Guidance is provided in the Manual of Air Safety. Independent assurance of the effectiveness of each organisation's ASMS is conducted by the MAA.

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