• Rationale

    EPAS requires Member State National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) to ensure:

    • Management systems of the operator should capture new hazards that are introduced by different employment models within an individual operator, increased mobility of pilots, safety-critical services provided by non-certified service providers and (long-term) leasing. The Member States will ensure this happens through oversight activities and provide SMS data to the Agency.

    • They have a thorough understanding of operators’ governance structure. In particular influence of financial stakeholders and of the controlling management personnel, where such personnel are located outside the scope of approval.  


    • Targeted interventions to strengthen the CAA's oversight of current safety risk management approach, governance arrangements and decision making processes in order to be confident industry has put in place systematically robust arrangements for selection of Accountable Managers and for governance mechanism to support them in ensuring good safety outcome.

    • These interventions will provide the CAA with a robust approach to the coordination of future safety assurance activities and the continuous improvement of safety risk management, governance and decision making. 


    • Initiate and facilitate an external review of the CAA’s safety related governance arrangements and core processes/procedures. 

    • Produce an internal case study examining the safety risk management, governance and decision making associated with civil operations at Government owned/operated aerodromes. 

    • Provide the CAA with a systematic methodology by which to conduct ongoing internal safety assurance, and a model by which to measure improvements.