• Rationale

    The CAA will remain in co-ordination of the UK Laser Working Group (UKLWG). This is an industry/CAA group put together to identify key risks associated with laser attacks, defining, agreeing and delivering actions to prevent attacks and/or mitigate their consequences.


    • Provision of regulatory and risk-based advice to various governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in laser attack risk management.

    • Identification of and engagement with national and international key stakeholders with the aim to capture best practice for implementation in the UK and sharing lessons learned.

    • Introduction of tighter measures against laser attacks into legislation.

    • Increased awareness of hazards associated with laser attacks. 


    • Coordinate the UKLWG with the aim to develop consistent and effective prevention and mitigation plans which address the risk of laser attacks in the aviation environment.

    • Engage with organisations outside the aviation environment, such as the Police and Department of Health, where effective measures to protect aviation may emerge from.

    • Assist Home Office and BEIS to support legislation in their areas, in the absence of a Department for Transport vehicle for laser legislation within the current session of Parliament.