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    Performance Based Regulation

    Performance based regulation means developing a comprehensive risk picture with the organisations we regulate and building our knowledge and data to make sure we target our regulation in the areas where it will make the biggest difference.

    Our vision

    To transform the CAA into a performance based regulator, working with industry to demonstrably reduce safety risk across the total aviation system.

    What to expect if you are an Accountable Manager

    Targeted safety risk conversations between Accountable Managers and the CAA is what drives the benefits of the performance based approach.

    Accountable Manager Meetings (AMMs) are becoming a regular part of our oversight process to ensure that the CAA and the Accountable Manager have a similar perspective on the major risks facing each entity.

    • What are your top safety risks (current and future)?
    • How did you identify these safety risks? How do you assure yourself, as Accountable Manager, that these are your top safety risks?
    • What outcomes do you want to see as a result of managing these safety risks
    • What actions are you taking to mitigate or remove the safety risks - and are relevant stakeholders involved
    • Are the outcomes achievable and measurable? How do you monitor and check that your actions are working (Plan, Do, Check, Review)?
    • What do you do if your actions are not giving the desired outcome
    • How do you share knowledge and lessons learned in your organisation?
  • Accountable Managers are encouraged to use the guidance to get the most out of the AMM, ensuring there is a constructive two-way dialogue about the actions and outcomes needed to further enhance safety.

    Getting the most out of the Accountable Manager Meeting

    More information about performance based regulation

    The following CAA publications provide more information about the introduction of performance based regulation in the UK.

    CAA International's series of white papers offer additional insights into the UK CAA's journey to become a performance based regulator. Previously published in the ICAO Journal, these papers explore some of the UK CAA's challenges and lessons learnt so far, and provide expert guidance for National Aviation Authorities planning to introduce performance based regulation.

    White Papers: Performance-Based Regulation

    Industry engagement in performance based regulation

    The CAA is committed to engaging with the UK aviation industry to gather feedback on the introduction of performance based regulation and the additional work needed to achieve the desired safety benefits. In this capacity, the CAA hosted a second PBR industry conference on 29 October 2015 at the Royal Aeronautical Society.

    Slides from the day are available below and include presentations from Rolls Royce, EASA, FAA and CANSO. A conference report is also available which describes the outcomes of the conference based on conversations from the day and feedback provided by the delegates in the post conference survey.

    The Performance Based Regulatory Industry Group

    The PBR Industry Group (PBRIG) was established to maintain regular engagement between the CAA and representatives from all sectors of UK aviation. The group has a mandate to work collaboratively in tackling the key issues raised at the PBR industry conference, especially those related to sharing safety data, developing people competencies and tracking safety benefits. The outputs of the PBRIG meetings can be accessed below.





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