• Delays and cancellations

    Your rights when your flight is delayed or cancelled varies depending on the terms and conditions of your contract with the airline. Most airlines base their terms and conditions on those recommended by the International Air Transport Association. This means that when delays happen, most airlines have a contractual obligation to offer passengers a choice between a later flight, mutually agreed alternative transportation or a refund.

    Refreshments and accommodation

    Some airlines may provide refreshments and accommodation for passengers while they wait for their delayed flight. Some airlines will not. If they do not, you can try to claim for reimbursement of your expenses due to the delay. You have the right to claim for this under the Montreal Convention. Be aware that you may struggle to be reimbursed for anything other than meals or overnight hotel accommodation, so spend wisely. Keep receipts.

    Denied boarding

    Some countries, such as the United States, give passengers rights when you are denied boarding (when you are at the airport, ready to board the plane, but are not allowed to board it due to overbooking or another reason). When you are in a country where there are no specific laws to give you rights in this situation, you should check the airline's terms and conditions to see if they have a policy for passengers who are denied boarding. In addition, you might be able to claim for damage occasioned by delay under the Montreal Convention.