• Occasionally, if you want to take your complaint with an airline further then you will have no option but to go to court. 

    If the airline has rejected your complaint and neither PACT nor an independent alternative dispute resolution body have been unable to intervene successfully, a court case is the best way to force the issue.

    Have you tried all other options? 

    The small claims court is usually the most appropriate place for airline disputes. But before you resort to this, make sure you have pursued all other options available to you:

    • Call and write to your airline, making sure you have escalated the issue to the highest level (usually the Chief Executive’s office). 
    • Use our online complaints form to send us details of the problem so we can investigate. 
    • Contact our advice and complaints team on 0330 022 1916 to discuss the situation and whether there might be another way to resolve it.

    Are you sure your claim is valid? 

    Taking your complaint to court is a significant step. It can take time and effort to prepare your argument and the process can be stressful. 
    That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do it. However, before you take things further, revisit your rights and be confident you can convincingly argue your claim. In particular, check the rules on extraordinary circumstances.

    It can be a good idea to seek legal advice at this point. Check your home insurance to see if you have legal cover.

    What to do next 

    There are a number of places to go for guidance about making a small claim:

    If you are considering taking court action in another EU country you may wish to consider using the European Small Claims Procedure, you can find guidance on the following links: