• Extra charges

    Some airports charge fees to drivers dropping passengers off, and non-refundable fees to use baggage trolleys, so you might want to have some change available when using these airports. Some airports charge passengers to use the airport. These fees are called airport development fees.

    Airport development fees

    Some airports charge additional fees to passengers once they are at the airport. This involves the purchase of a ticket that allows passengers to go through security. Airlines must make you aware of these fees when you book flights out of these airports.

    Fast-track security

    Some airports charge a premium for passengers to go through fast-track security.

    If you do not receive the advertised service you should seek a refund from the airport.

    Check the current airport fees and charges

    The CAA publishes an airport charges comparison table so that passengers can check the fees associated with different airports. This includes information on the cost of buying plastic bags, any charges for dropping passengers at the airport, charges for express security lanes and airport development fees. The CAA publishes this table to help passengers compare different options before booking. It does not endorse the fees charged by airports or airlines.