• The Novel Operation in a Specific Trial Area (NOSTrA) Approach provides innovators with non-binding, good practice guidance on how to try out novel and innovative aviation technologies and operations in a sustainable manner, in UK airspace. 

  • The Regulatory Lab anticipates and identifies specific legislative and regulatory barriers to innovation.

    It utilises collaborative networks and shared information to develop regulatory frameworks and support legislative developments in areas of innovation.

    The regulatory lab will:

    • utilise pooled knowledge and expertise to formulate regulatory roadmaps in key areas of aviation innovation
    • develop and influence regulations to be future proof and flexible in a dynamic environment
    • consult industry on their key challenges
    • generate thought leadership and viewpoints on future regulation
    • engage with other regulators (in the UK and abroad; within and outside the aviation sector) to discuss how they tackle regulatory readiness and work to develop common standards in areas of aviation innovation
    • produce a package of recommendations to implement or take to other regulatory bodies, such as EASA
    • prioritise the themes and questions that the Sandbox should focus on answering with innovators
    • provide the clarity that innovators ask from a leading regulator; helping innovators to raise (or direct) investments

    We will publish our insights into the innovation landscape and the role emerging technologies and business models play in the aviation and travel sector.

    These insights will be published via the innovation gateway and could include views on:

    • technical topics and standards,
    • market reviews and analysis
    • considerations of future regulatory approaches.