• Innovation regulatory toolkitUseful regulatory frameworks

    Find out how UK and international regulations apply to your innovation. 

    Click on the headings below to find details of regulations and resources relating to that subject.

  • Information on airworthiness including regulations, and guidance on how to get a certificate of Airworthiness.

    CAP 1616 provides guidance on the regulatory process for changing the notified airspace design and planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic.

    • Airline licensing: If you are based in the UK, you will need an Operating Licence from the CAA to operate most kinds of commercial air travel. Find out how to apply for a licence
    • Air Operator Certificates: Information about the types of Air Operator Certificates available and the related costs and standards  

    To use any radio transmitting device in the UK, it will need to either be licensed, or have a specific licence exemption. Information about applying for aeronautical radio licencing can be found on the Ofcom website.

    The Skyway Code is designed to provide private pilots with easy, quick access to the key information they need.

    As well as covering the regulations it includes examples of radio phraseology, tables to work out crosswind components and ground marshalling signals.

    Regulations relating to unmanned aircraft

    • CAP 722 provides policy, guidance and requirements for the development and operation of UAS within the UK.
    • CAP 1789 provides a simple explanation of the intent behind the EU UAS regulations. 

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