Launched online earlier this year The Skyway Code provides private pilots with easy, quick access to key information. The must have guide for GA pilots has been updated and printed copies are now available to buy from aviation supplier AFE online.

Condensing the 'must know' information on UK GA flying into easy to navigate information and graphics The Skyway Code gives GA pilots a one stop shop for safety rules and advice.

The CAA's guide to private flying rules, regulations and best practice is:

Bob Liddiard of the CAA's General Aviation Unit said: “We wanted the Skyway Code to be something that GA pilots, new or experienced, would find useful. Rather than include every bit of information available we've focussed on what a pilot most needs to know.”

Jeremy M Pratt, Managing Director of AFEonline, said: “We're delighted to be involved in helping The Skyway Code reach a wider audience. It really is an invaluable document for any pilot who wants to keep on top of the current GA rules and procedures, I keep a hard copy in my flight bag and I suspect many pilots of all levels of experience will want to own a copy too.”

AFE's Printed copies will be available to buy at The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) rally, Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September 2017, and online at:

For more information contact the CAA press office on 0207 453 6030 or