The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Ofcom have begun contacting holders of aircraft and ground station radio licences with more information about the forthcoming transfer of the service to the communications regulator.

From 2 November 2018, aeronautical radio licences will no longer be issued by the CAA. Ofcom will instead take over the day-to-day administration of the service, issuing radio licences directly to aircraft owners and ground stations.

The CAA has been issuing radio licences to the aviation sector for a number of years on behalf of Ofcom.

The two regulators have now emailed or written to all radio licence holders to explain the November switch in more detail.  It is intended the change will enable Ofcom to achieve economies of scale as it will then handle all radio licences under one roof.

Licence holders do not need to take any action immediately.  The CAA will continue to administer licences until the end of October. Any applications not completed by the CAA by 31 October 2018 will be transferred to Ofcom to process.

The CAA will continue to issue frequency assignments and ANO safety approvals as normal.

Copy of the joint letter