The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and NATS have launched a survey to help update the details of unlicensed airfields and aerial sporting activity locations that are made available to airspace users.

The details will be updated on the NATS AIS database and be published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and included on CAA VFR charts.

As the sites are not licensed by the CAA the survey is the only way to confirm the details published are accurate and made available to airspace users.

Site owners are asked to complete an online form by 28 February 2018 to help make sure their details are correct and up to date:  

Users of unlicensed sites are asked to ensure that site owners or landowners are aware of the survey.

As well as establishing if existing sites published in the AIP are still current the survey will check that details are accurately reflected in safety information and identify a principal point of contact for each site.

The CAA and NATS have extended the deadline of the survey to 7 March 2018.