Clarifying the position on pilot licensing, CAA Head of Flight Operations, Rob Bishton, said:

“In a 'no-deal' Brexit scenario, UK pilots operating UK registered aircraft will not need to have their current licence reissued. Both commercial and private UK pilot licences would remain valid for use on UK-registered aircraft as the United Kingdom is a signatory to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Chicago Convention. Our licences are internationally recognised - including by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) - both now and after 29 March 2019.  

“The CAA will continue to issue and reissue pilots' licences when they are lost, damaged, when details need to be changed or pilots' privileges updated as we do now. Over time, this would include removing references to EASA - a purely cosmetic change. There will be no requirement for licences to be re-issued for any other reason meaning that there will be no change to this process.

“The CAA would always strongly refute any suggestion that we are concerned about our ability to provide safety oversight to the UK aviation industry should no-deal be reached between the UK and the EU. The safety of passengers, crew and those on the ground will always remain our absolute priority and our focus is on our existing national safety oversight obligations.

The role currently played by EASA for new aircraft and component design could change in a no-deal scenario and the CAA is reviewing all options for how to manage this should that become necessary.

“As a responsible regulator, the CAA has been planning for all eventualities in the negotiations, including that of a 'no-deal', for some time. Our planning and contingency is advanced and we continue to work closely with the Government to prepare the industry for all scenarios.”