Michael Budge, a spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority's ATOL scheme, said:  “The Civil Aviation Authority confirms that of the 1,296 ATOL licences that expired on 30 September 2018, 1,072 have been granted.”
“A further 107 ATOL holders applied but have not yet been renewed, which is broadly in-line with the previous year.  Despite warnings, 63 of these ATOL holders applied in the last week of September.”
“We are pleased with the overall performance of the new ATOL online system, which in many cases allowed us to achieve a turnaround of less than 48 hours - from receipt of the fully completed application to issuance of the offer letter.
“We thank all those involved with the recent renewal process and we will be seeking feedback from stakeholders in the coming weeks.”

ATOL Licences as of 30 Sept 2017 ATOL Licences as of 30 Sept 2018
1,334 1,296
Did not apply 2017  Did not apply 2018
49 117
Granted 2017 Granted 2018
1,173  1072
Applied by not yet renewed - 1 October 2017 Applied by not yet renewed - 1 October 2018
84  107