Commenting on the delays and cancellations affecting Ryanair passengers, the Civil Aviation Authority's Chief Executive, Andrew Haines, said:

"Passengers affected by the disruption caused by Ryanair's cancelled flights are protected under EU law.

“The welfare of passengers must be the priority for any airline experiencing disruption and we fully expect all EU airlines to meet their obligations regarding passenger rights.

“Ryanair is well aware of these passenger rights and we have written to the airline to clarify their legal obligations and seek assurances on how and when they will provide alternative flights with other airlines.” 

Andrew Haines added: “Where we see evidence an airline is systematically denying passengers their rights, we will not hesitate to take the necessary enforcement action. 

“In the last six years we have successfully taken action against a number of airlines, including Ryanair, for a range of issues, including non-payment of compensation and providing limited information to passengers during disruption.

“In all these cases we have secured legal undertakings to ensure airlines change their policies and customers get the assistance they are entitled to.”

Passenger information

Passengers must be informed of cancellations prior to their flight directly by the airline

In the event of a cancelled flight passengers can receive a full refund or choose an alternative flight.   If you choose an alternative flight you are also entitled to care and assistance. This usually means food, drink, access to communication and accommodation (if necessary).

If you received less than 14 days' notice of the cancellation, you may also be able to claim compensation.

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Passengers who wish to make a claim for out-of-pocket expenses or compensation following this disruption should contact Ryanair directly in the first instance. If they are not satisfied with the response, they should refer their claim to Ryanair's appointed dispute resolution service AviationADR. Dispute resolution services provide independent decisions on passengers' claims that the airline is contractually obliged to abide by. More information about your rights if you experience disruption is available from the CAA website.


Letter to the airline - 19 September 2017