Andrew Haines, CAA Chief Executive said: “We can confirm we have received correspondence from Ryanair late this afternoon.

“Our job is to protect passengers' rights and ensure that all airlines operating in the UK are fully compliant with important consumer laws.

“Where we find that an airline is systematically flouting these rules, we will not hesitate to take action, to minimise the harm and detriment caused to passengers, as we have done with Ryanair in recent days.  It appears that Ryanair has now capitulated.  We will review their position in detail and monitor this situation to ensure that passengers get what they are entitled to in practice.

“We are consistent in this approach, and in the last six years the CAA has secured 22 legal undertakings from airlines and other travel companies on a range of issues to protect consumers.

“Furthermore, as part of our ongoing work to protect consumers, earlier this month we wrote to over 30 airlines seeking confirmation that they too are complying with the re-routing elements of EC261 legislation.”

02 October 2017 - UPDATE

Over the weekend of 30 September / 1 October, the CAA became aware that some frontline Ryanair customer service staff were incorrectly advising consumers that there was a financial limit on the amount that passengers can claim from Ryanair should they have to book a flight on an alternative airline (of three times the fare of their original Ryanair flight). In addition, some Ryanair customer service staff have been advising passengers that Ryanair cannot book alternative flights for consumers affected by the cancellations. Ryanair has confirmed that this advice was incorrect. Further guidance has been issued by Ryanair to its frontline customer service staff on these issues.