• CAA launched flying programme on Monday 2 October to bring 110,000 people back to the UK in response to Monarch Airlines administration
  • After TWELVE days: 534 flights operated, 103,967 customers have returned back to the UK
  • DAY THIRTEEN (Saturday 14 October): 30 flights planned, bringing back more than 3,700 passengers to the UK
  • Over 94 per cent of passengers are now back in the UK
  • Flying programme ends tomorrow, Sunday 15 October

The Civil Aviation Authority's flying programme completed 18 flights during its 12th day of operation on Friday, returning a further 3,936 people to the UK.

The flying programme continues to operate smoothly, and so far we have flown 98 per cent of passengers on the day of their original departure.

On Saturday 14 October, day 13 of the flying programme, the CAA plans to operate 30 flights, for over 3,700 people planning to return to the UK.

Richard Moriarty, CAA Group Director of Consumers and Markets, said: 

“This is the penultimate day of our two week flying programme.  In the first twelve days we have made arrangements for more than 94 per cent of passengers to return to the UK and we will bring home many more today. The flying programme continues to operate smoothly and we are pleased that 98 per cent of passengers have returned to the UK on the day of their original departure.”

Flying Programme Analysis

Statistics Day 12 - Friday 13 October Totals to date
Flights completed 18 534
Passengers back in the UK 3,936 103,967
Number of calls to the call centre 2,420 50,397
Unique visitors to monarch.caa.co.uk 28,477 1,205,317
Page views on monarch.caa.co.uk 125,546 7,977,210

The CAA will be providing daily updates in the final days of the programme