Earlier this year, the CAA introduced its new airspace change process, which ensures greater transparency, community engagement and analysis for proposals to change the design of UK airspace. This sits alongside a new policy framework set out by the Department for Transport. 
Following consultation with the DfT, we have today clarified that anyone wishing to make a change to the design of UK airspace will need to follow the new airspace change process unless they launched their public consultation before 2 January 2018. 
For Glasgow Airport, this means that their proposal will be assessed against the criteria of the new airspace change process. While this will require more work from the airport, we expect much of their completed work to date may meet some of the requirements of our new process. 
We understand that this will be frustrating to Glasgow Airport and the local community, and we want to be clear that this does not reflect any judgement about the quality of the airport's consultation to date. We have explained this decision to the airport, and will work with them so that they understand the full requirements of the new airspace change process.