• From 1 April 2018, the UK CAA requires a test notification to be made where an applicant is to complete a Skill Test, or where a non-UK CAA EASA examiner is to conduct a Proficiency Check or Assessment of Competence in accordance with ARA.FCL.205 and section 2.4 of the EASA Examiner Differences Document (EDD).

    Notification may be requested by applicants or by examiners conducting tests/checks, where the applicant to be tested holds a licence or certificate issued by the UK CAA.  Where non-UK examiners will be involved in testing, the relevant section of the EDD must be referenced.

    A test notification request must be made in writing to testnotification@caa.co.uk, using the process and email format explained in the following CAA Information Notices:

    • For tests/checks conducted by non-UK CAA examiners - IN-2016/003
    • For Skill Tests conducted by UK CAA examiners - IN-2016/004

    An automated reply authorising requested tests or checks will follow correctly presented applications, which must be sent well in advance of desired test / check dates.

    Please note that where an application is for a CPL, IR or CBIR, CAA Flight Test Bookings must nominate the examiner to be used, as stated in the Information Notices referred to above.


    Please contact us at: 

    Test notification
    Licensing Shared Services Centre 
    Civil Aviation Authority GE
    Aviation House 
    Gatwick Airport 
    RH6 0YR 
    E-mail: testnotification@caa.co.uk