• The current provisional suspension of Red Aviation’s CAA approval has meant that it has not been possible to legally obtain replacement parts for factory-built (type-approved) C42 aircraft.  The CAA has now authorised Comco-Ikarus to provide replacement parts directly.  This arrangement is a short-term measure only - while Red Aviation’s approval is suspended - to keep the UK factory-built C42 fleet flying safely. 

    Please email Comco-Ikarus using post@comco-ikarus.de with replacement part enquiries quoting your aircraft registration, model and serial number.

    From a paperwork point of view, owners should treat parts obtained under this temporary arrangement identically to parts obtained from the type-approval holder (for any type-approved Microlight).  In particular, the paperwork provided by Comco-Ikarus with replacement parts will contain a statement confirming the replacement parts’ suitability for use on UK-spec’ C42 aircraft; this paperwork must be referenced in the logbook entry made when fitting the parts, and kept with the aircraft documentation.  Compare the replacement parts against the originals; if in doubt as to their correctness or suitability please query with Comco-Ikarus.

    For details of those parts that must be obtained from the type-approval holder (or Comco-Ikarus in this case), and those that may be obtained commercially, see BMAA TIL 058, ‘Replacement Parts.

    Being amateur-built, LAA C42 aircraft have not been affected by the suspension of Red Aviation’s approval; in particular, replacement part supply has not been directly affected.  Therefore, this temporary arrangement with Comco-Ikarus is intended for factory-built C42 aircraft only, and indeed does not apply to LAA C42 aircraft. 

    Owners of LAA C42 aircraft should continue to obtain and fit replacement parts in accordance with LAA procedures.

    You can also find this information on the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) website.