• The EU funding scheme closed to new claims on 30 September 2018.

    Eligibility criteria

    Details of hardware that can be claimed and the criteria that must be met are defined in CAP 1501.

    More information on 8.33 kHz radios

    Supporting documentation

    You must be prepared to send us electronic copies of the following before beginning your application.

    For all applications:

    • A copy of the photo ID you selected in the claim form (only the page, or side of the ID card, that has your photo and date of birth on it).
    • Receipts which match the number you have listed on the application form and include all the equipment you are claiming.

    Then, if applicable, also:

    • Evidence of the equivalent unit cost.
    • Proof of foreign exchange rate.
    • If a radio is approved “by installation” then you must provide either a copy of the relevant page from the log book, or a copy of the Certificate of Release. These confirm the licence number of the approving engineer.
    • For higher value claims (£5,000+), the CAA needs to verify the bank account details. If the total purchase cost of your claim(s) amount to £5,000 or more, you need to provide a copy of a bank statement that is no more than 3 months old. This must show name of bank, name of account, sort code and account number. You may choose to obscure financial transactions.

    The CAA reserves the right to request originals of documents, or bank statement evidence from all applicants.

    All documents must be provided electronically. Paper copies of documents will not be accepted unless the CAA specifically requests them.