• Data on airports and airlines, 1973 – 1982

    The data on this page can be downloaded as zip files. The files contain historical data collected by the CAA between 1973 and 1982.

    These files are scanned copies of paper records.

    There may be some anomalies in the data, despite efforts made to ensure the correct presentation of historical statistics. We no longer hold information from this period on our databases and we rely on hard copies produced at the time.


    There may be some errata in the publications. Lists of errata are usually placed immediately after the table of contents, but may be elsewhere in some documents.


    Some publications contain handwritten notes and amendments, especially the earlier publications. It is not possible for the CAA to verify whether these convey accurate information.

    Blank pages

    Blank pages have been removed from documents. So, for example, if page 35 is followed immediately by page 37, it is likely that page 36 was a blank page.

    The files