• List of common fields used in the Passenger Survey

    Field Brief Explanation of Field Content
    APT UK Survey Airport
    Sex Passenger Gender
    Time Time of Interview
    Month Month of Interview
    Date Date of Interview
    Year Year of Interview
    Residence Passenger country of residence
    Flight Flight type (Scheduled/Charter)
    Route_In Connecting route in (see Airfrom)
    Route_Out Immediate route out (see Toairpor)
    TI Terminate (1) or Interline (2) indicator
    HRegion UK planning region - Home
    HCounty UK planning county - Home
    HDistrict UK planning district - Home
    HCode UK planning postsector - Home
    Country Country of residence summary (UK/Foreign)
    Purpose Journey purpose summary
    Group Group size
    TripType Trip type
    Region UK planning region - Start journey
    County UK planning county - Start journey
    District UK planning district - Start journey
    OCode UK planning postsector - Start journey
    Trips12 Number of trips in the last 12 months on this route (see Toairpor)
    Any Number of trips in last 12 months - Any Destination
    Destination Main surface destination (Name)
    Airorigin Interline airport prior to Airfrom
    Airfrom Interline airport into Apt
    Airwith Airline from Airfrom to Apt
    CPAIR City pair summary (see Apt - Toairpor)
    Airline Immediate departing airline (see Fltno)
    FltNo Immediate departing flight number (see Airline)
    Aname Immediate air destination - Full Name
    Toairpor Immediate air destination
    Cto Immediate air destination - Country name
    Flywith Connecting airline from Toairpor to Finalair
    Finalair Final air destination
    Afinal Final air destination - full name
    Cfinal Final air destination - Country name
    Age Age group
    SEG Socio - economic group
    Main Purpose Main journey purpose
    Ticket Ticket class
    Currency Currency purchase of airline ticket (see Tcost)
    Tcost Cost of airline ticket (see Currency)
    Type Single or return airline ticket (see Ticket)
    Income Income group
    MBusiness Main business group
    Child Number of children under 16 years of age
    Househol Number of people living in family (see Child)
    modea 1st Mode of transport used (ID)
    1st Mode 1st Mode of transport used (Description)
    modeb 2nd Mode of transport used (ID)
    2nd Mode 2nd Mode of transport used (Description)
    modec 3rd Mode of transport used (ID)
    3rd Mode 3rd Mode of transport used (Description)
    Fmode Arriving Mode of transport used (ID)
    LastMode Arriving Mode of transport used (Description)
    TripStay Length of trip (in hours)
    JourneyTime Surface journey time (in minutes)
    Profile SYSTEM - Passenger journey summary
    TrueOD SYSTEM - True OD (see Toairpor, Finalair)
    Haul SYSTEM - Market definition
    POP SYSTEM - Two-way population flow