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    The information contained in this report has been compiled from various sources of data. CAA validates this data, but no warranty is given as to its accuracy, integrity or reliability. CAA cannot accept liability for any financial loss caused by a person’s reliance on any of these statistics. No statistical data provided by CAA may be sold on to a third party. CAA insists that it is referenced in any publication that makes reference to CAA Statistics.

    Tables 9 (monthly) and 1.12 (annual)

    With effect from January 2004 statistics we will no longer be publishing tables 9 (monthly) & 1.12 (annual) - Domestic Passengers Uplifted. This is due to the introduction of simplified airline reporting, which no longer requires this level of detail. If you wish to view domestic routes data please view table 12.2 in the UK Airport Statistics.

    2004 statistics

    2004 Annual Airline Statistics are not available.

    Public Transport Air Taxi Operations - Table 10

    Containing 3-month totals this table provides new information each quarter month (March, June, September, December). We have in the past included this table with every new release even if not a quarter month. However, we believe that this has lead to confusion and so with effect from the July 2007 release we will no longer include this table on non-quarter months.

    Tables 6 1 to 6 3 (monthly) & 1 9 1 to 1 9 3 (annual)

    After consideration it has been decided that with effect from January 2007 statistics we will no longer be publishing tables 6 1 to 6 3 (monthly) & 1 9 1 to 1 9 3 (annual) - International and Domestic Charter Operations. Due to the introduction of simplified airline reporting, we no longer hold the relevant information to accurately convey what was intended – details concerning ‘holiday type travellers’. If you wish to view information on non-scheduled services please refer to tables 5 1 to 5 4 (monthly) 1 8 1 to 1 8 4 (Annual).

  • Frequently asked questions

  • UK Airline data are provided by UK Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) holders.
    Airlines with an aircraft having a Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM) above 40 tonnes and/or an A type Operating licence or Air Transport Licence are required, under Section 84 (1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1982, to report regular monthly data. However, charter services performed by aircraft below 15 tonnes MTOM and sole use/exempt in type are not included in published tables.
    We publish data in both monthly and annual tables. The Public Transport Air Taxi Operations table and Average Daily Utilisation Per Aircraft on the Aircraft Type and Utilisation tables are updated each quarter.
    We update the published tables every fortnight to include airline submissions that have been accepted most recently. Therefore, airline data can potentially be published within a 14 days from the end of a data month. Typically, not all airlines will have been submitted within 14 days so we accompany the published table with a message showing which airline's data is not included. We will show the message “Complete” when the published tables contain data from all expected airlines. All published data has been validated.
    The Airline database includes all major UK airline services broken down by scheduled, non-scheduled, EEA (European Economic Area), other international and domestic services. Due to confidentiality constraints it is not possible to obtain further breakdowns of these data.
    The EEA was created in 1994 and combines countries of the European Union and members of EFTA (European Trade Association). EFTA countries are currently Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
    Recorded as 'uplifted passengers', they cover passengers carried by the airlines worldwide, not only to/from the UK, and relate to passengers who have paid the equivalent of 25% of the normal fare. Note that infants under 2 years are not included.
    The Public Air Transport Air Taxi Operations provides details of hours flown and flights performed by fixed and rotary wing aircraft below 15 tonnes operated by UK Air Operator Certificate holders.