• Fireworks, lasers and sky lantern releases

    As fireworks and laser shows can distract or endanger aircraft, we offer guidance for anyone planning a major firework, laser show or sky lantern release. If we know of a major event we can alert pilots and air traffic control in advance.

    We are able to offer advice on any sort of event and strongly recommend that you contact us if you are planning a show near an airfield or where aircraft regularly fly.

    Tell us about an upcoming event involving lasers, fireworks, toy balloons or sky lanterns

    For information relating to guidance for upcoming shows and events please see CAP 736.

    Air display applications

    If you are planning a flying display that will be advertised and open to the public then you will need permission from us.

    Guidance for display or event organisers

    Tethered unmanned gas balloons

    In the UK, permission is needed to fly tethered unmanned gas balloons that are:

    • at or above 60 metres
    • within an aerodrome traffic zone
    • within notified airspace

    Apply for a permission to fly

    Civil or military events featuring military aircraft

    The CAA must be notified about any UK event that features military aircraft.

    Contact the CAA and RAF events team