• The FAS Deployment Plan

    The FAS Deployment Plan joins up the individual investment plans of operators, airports and air traffic control bodies, with the FAS roadmap, to establish a credible delivery programme. The plan describes the new ATM capabilities that will be deployed in the UK and UK/Ireland Functional Airspace Block between 2013 and 2020. It represents the first step towards delivering the FAS proposal, and in turn the European wide Single European Sky initiative to modernise the operations of the aviation sector.

    Call to action

    The project has now reached a critical stage where buy in and action is required from airports, airlines, ANSPs and other aviation stakeholders to ensure the targets and time scales are achieved.

    Passengers, the wider public, national and European government demand these improvements and modernisation of the airspace system. To achieve its potential FAS needs action from the whole aviation industry; that needs to start now and stay joined up as changes are made.

    Without this action and collaboration the benefits of FAS may be jeopardised.

    What changes will be made?

    The entire system needs to take action:

    • Many aircraft are already fitted with PBN compatible systems but some will need to be upgraded.
    • Airports will have to introduce new routes.
    • Air traffic control providers will need to introduce new airspace structures
    • Airlines and airports will need to share flight information into the ‘system’

    What do airlines and airports need to do?

    Airlines and airports will be heavily involved in the project, for example to improve aircraft turnaround and runway management processes, and their commitment to these projects will be critical to ensuring the success of the plan. Some airlines may also need to invest in new equipment to enable their aircraft to use the new airspace procedures being developed and airports will need to introduce new routes.