• The SES Performance Scheme


    The SES Performance Scheme for Air Navigation Services (ANS) aims to improve the performance of European ANS by establishing targets at the EU-level and committing Member States to adopt consistent targets at the local (national or Functional Airspace Block (FAB)) level. The Scheme was introduced through amendment to the SES high-level legislation ( SES II), supplemented through the adoption of a Performance regulation and amendment to the Common Charging Regulation in 2010.


    The EC appointed Eurocontrol to act as an independent Performance Review Body (PRB) to advise it on the development and implementation of the Scheme. There are four Key Performance Areas (KPAs): safety; the environment; capacity (delay); cost-efficiency. Reference Period 1 (RP1, 2012-2014) of the Performance Scheme focuses on the en-route environment only and sets EU-wide targets for the environment, capacity and cost-efficiency KPAs, with national/FAB targets only required for the latter two - the environment target will be addressed at the network level for RP1.

    The Performance and common Charging regulations were amended in 2013 in preparation for RP2 (2015-2019). In RP2, EU targets have been established at both the en-route and terminal level across all four KPAs. The EU targets were adopted at a Single Sky Committee meeting on 4 February and will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union. A summary of the EU targets is available at the PRB website.

    For RP2, NSAs must develop Performance Plans at the Functional Airspace Block (FAB). The CAA and Irish Aviation Authority Safety Regulation Division (IAA SRD) published a draft FAB Performance Plan and associated supporting material for stakeholder consultation on 19 February 2014.

    Further reading

    Links to the draft Plan, consultation documents and slides from the stakeholder consultation workshop held on 14 March 2014 are available on the National Archives.  Additional supporting materials, such as CAA's consultancy studies, can be accessed from the NERL Licence page.

    Any queries should be addressed to UK-IrelandPerformancePlan@caa.co.uk.