• The government’s most recent Air Navigation Directions (October 2017) require us to “prepare and maintain a co-ordinated strategy and plan for the use of UK airspace for air navigation up to 2040, including for the modernisation of the use of such airspace.” We are also required to provide an annual delivery report to the Secretary of State.

    We believe the requirements of this strategy and plan cannot be fully met by the current Future Airspace Strategy (FAS). Therefore, in December 2018 we published a new Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) which supersedes FAS.

    Much of the UK and European law that underpins the strategy remains the same, so many of the technical aspects of FAS have been incorporated into the new strategy. But while parts of FAS remain relevant, the strategy needed to be rearticulated in the context of government policy changes (e.g. Airports National Policy Statement) and technological developments (e.g. drones, commercial spaceflight).

    The strategy also presents a new governance structure which sets out the industry’s responsibility for its delivery and how relevant stakeholders will be a part of that process. The AMS does not propose any specific airspace changes but suggests that a masterplan of changes that will be necessary for modernisation should be developed.