• Title: Instrument Approach Procedures at Scatsta Airport 

    Sponsor: Cyrrus


    Last updated: 17 April  2020

    The Change Sponsor has stopped this airspace change proposal

    Framework briefing held with organisations considering proposal of the change  N/A
    Sponsor external consultation document (with associated appendices)  
    Sponsor's external consultation feedback report  
    Sponsor's external supplementary consultation document (with associated appendices)  
    Sponsor's external supplementary consultation feedback report  
    Sponsor's formal airspace change proposal  1 May 2017
    Sponsor's additional consultation document  
    Sponsor's additional consultation feedback report  
    CAA letter to sponsor  
    Operational assessment by CAA  
    Consultation assessment by CAA  
    Environmental assessment by CA  
    Decision document (CAA change approval)  
    Change implementation date  
    AIRAC distribution date / AIP amendment  
    Sponsor's analysis  
    CAA PIR assessment  

    Due to the announced closure of Scatsta Airport from the 30 Jun 20, Scatsta has now stopped this ACP which was introducing GNSS Instrument Approach procedures at Scatsta Airport

    17 April 2020