• Our conclusions for RHADS Class D Controlled Airspace, introduced on 31 July 2008, analysing the effectiveness of the implementation of this airspace change proposal.

    The purpose of the Post Implementation Review (PIR) is for the CAA, as the independent regulator, to assess whether the change has delivered the anticipated impacts and benefits set out in the original airspace change proposal and decision, and if not, ascertain why and determine the most appropriate course of action.   

    Last updated: 19 June 2017

    Decision document (CAA change approval) 

      2 Jul 2008
      Change implementation date 31 Jul 2008
      AIRAC distribution date / AIP amendment AIRAC 8/2008
      PIR initiation date 27 May 2014
      Details of the PIR submission requirements  
      Sponsor's analysis  11 Mar 2008

      Data collected by sponsor

      CAA PIR assessment