• Sponsor: Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG)

    This FASVIG proposal was submitted to raise the base of Airway Q41 from Flight Level 35 to Flight Level 55 along the portion of the Airway between the reporting points published as THRED and ORTAC that runs along the route from the Isle of Wight to the Channel Islands. Raising the base of the airway releases controlled airspace to be re-defined as Class G while improving safety for aircraft operating along and adjacent to this busy route.

    Last updated: 13 March 2017

    Sponsor's Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace proposal (date received by CAA) 12 Oct 2016
    Operational assessment by CAA 2 Dec 2016
    Decision document (CAA change approval) 22 Feb 2017
    Change implementation date 25 May 2017
    AIRAC distribution date / AIP amendment 13 Apr 2017