• Title: London Southend CAS (CTA 10 & 11) 

    Sponsor: London Southend Airport (LSA)

    Description: This airspace change proposal is linked to a previous proposal to implement controlled airspace at Southend airport that was approved in 2015. 

    Our original regulatory decision approved a “limited airspace change” on the basis that the number of commercial movements supported by the airport at that time did not justify the implementation of Control Areas (CTAs) 10 and 11, two portions of controlled airspace included in Southend’s original airspace change proposal. 

    We also stated in our regulatory decision that if Southend pursued another ACP and submitted a new proposal to us within two years of the date of implementation (2nd April 2015) justifying the requirement for CTAs 10 and 11 as originally proposed, we would agree that as part of that process no additional consultation requirements would be placed on them for that new ACP. 

    On the 31st March 2017, Southend submitted an application for CTA’s 10 and 11 to be implemented as originally consulted on and proposed.    

    Last updated: 24 June 2019

    CAA Regulatory Decision on original airspace change proposal 23 Jan 2015 
    Follow-up ACP Submission 31 Mar 2017
    CAA email to Change Sponsor 14 Sep 2018
    CAA letter to DfT – transition arrangements 2 May 2019
    DfT letter to CAA – transition arrangements 10 Jun 2019