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    FASI(N) IoM/Antrim Systemisation (formerly PLAS)

    FASI(N) is a combination of airspace redesign modules that comply with the UK's Future Airspace Strategy through the provision of Performance Based Navigation routes, Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Arrival Routes which facilitate continuous climb and continuous descent operations, user preferred routes, Flexible Use of Airspace and simplified boundaries between controlled and uncontrolled airspace. The redesign and modification will include the Manchester Terminal Control Area, Scottish Terminal Control Area, Belfast Terminal Control Area and Irish Sea sector operations.

    Last updated: 22 August 2017

    Airspace change proposal, formulation and decision making stages

    Sponsor: NATS

    Isle of Man/Antrim sectors systemisation and introduction of RNAV1 route structure

    Formal overview and background material relating to the airspace change proposal
    11 Nov 2015
    Framework briefing held with organisations considering proposal of the change
    17 Nov 2015
    Sponsor external consultation document (with associated appendices)
    4 Jul - 30 Aug 2016
    Sponsor’s external consultation feedback report 27 Jan 2017
    Sponsor’s formal airspace change proposal (date received by CAA)
    29 Mar 2017
    Operational assessment by CAA  26 Jul 2017
    Consultation assessment by CAA
    30 Jun 2017
    Environmental assessment by CAA
    30 Jun 2017
    Decision document (CAA change approval)
    21 Aug 2017
    AIRAC distribution date/AIP amendment
    28 Sep 2017
    Change implementation date 
    9 Nov 2017