• Title: Amendment to East Anglia Military Training Area (EAMTA)    

    Sponsor: NATS

    Description: Divide the EAMTA into 2 sections (High and Low), activate the airspace by NOTAM, align the routine activation times of the EAMTA Low and TRA 003 and recategorize the associated CDRs as CDR 1/3 H24.

    Framework briefing held with organisations considering proposal of the change 27/07/2017 Framework Briefing Notes (Redacted)
    Sponsor external Consultation Document (with associated appendices)    
    Sponsor’s external Consultation Feedback Report    
    Sponsor’s Formal Airspace Change Proposal (date received by CAA) 27/10/2017  

    Airspace Change Proposal (redacted)

    Airspace Development Email (redacted)

    RAF(U) Swanwick Email_redacted

    Operational Assessment by CAA 11/01/2018 CAA Operational Assessment – EAMTA_Redacted
    Consultation Assessment by CAA    
    Environmental Assessment by CAA    
    Decision Document (CAA change approval) 12/01/2018 Decision document
    AIRAC distribution date/AIP amendment 23/02/2018  
    Change implementation date 24/05/2018