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    ACP reference: ACP-2017-70

    Sponsor: NATS

    Proposal name: London Airspace Management Programme Phase 2 - ATS Network   

    Proposal description: Optimal alignment and connectivity of the ATS route network with each airport's airspace structures.

    Geographic area: South


    In accordance with CAP1616, the CAA is required to provide a provisional indication of the appropriate scaling level of the proposal.  As noted in the assessment meeting minutes, NATS has proposed that this ACP is a level 2 proposal, that is, a change that does not have the potential to alter traffic patterns below 7,000 feet. 

    The proposal intends to develop ‘letterboxes in the sky’ at 9,000ft i.e. entry points to the upper route airspace.  However, if the positioning of the letterboxes is completed first, it may have the potential to constrain flight paths from the ground to 7,000ft as airports will design their flight paths into these letterboxes.  If this is the case, NATS proposal would be a ‘Level 1’ ACP as it will have the “potential to alter traffic patterns below 7,000ft” (¶75 CAP1616).

    NATS has indicated that its proposal intends to be wholly responsive to changes proposed by airports, and thus will not affect traffic patterns below 7,000 ft, however presently the NATS proposal precedes the majority of ACPs required for FASI(S) and the design work cannot possibly take into account those airports which have not commenced an ACP.

    Noting that the CAA is not required to confirm its indication of scaling level until the Stage 2 Gateway, the CAA is content to provisionally indicate the ACP as a Level 2 change in accordance with NATS’ request.  However, as noted above, if the proposals required for FASI(S) are not brought forward as envisioned by NATS, the proposal may be designated a Level 1 change at that time.

    Stage 1: DEFINE

    At stage 1, the change sponsor meets with the CAA to discuss objectives and engages with those potentially affected about the underlying design principles. A timeline is agreed.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 1a:

    Assess Requirement

    In considering version 2 of the Statement of Need the CAA has determined that the proposal is in scope of the airspace change process. The CAA has not provided an indicative airspace change level at this time.

    Step 1b:

    Design Principles

    Complete Design Principles
    The CAA accepts the process and approach used to develop the design principles and accepts that they represent a well-founded shortlist to inform the development of design options. 

    Define Gateway Complete 27/07/2018 The CAA has completed the Define Gateway Assessment for LAMP 2 and is satisfied that the change sponsor has met the requirements of the Process up to this point. The CAA approves progress to the next Step. 


    At stage 2, the change sponsor continues to liaise with stakeholders, develops options and carries out initial impact appraisals.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 2a:

    Develop & Assess

    In progress          

    Step 2b:

    Options Appraisal

    Not started      

     Develop & Assess Gateway Expected 25/01/2019    

    Stage 3: CONSULT

    At stage 3, the change sponsor prepares a consultation, assesses who should be consulted and undertakes the consultation.

    Step Current Status Documents
    Step 3a: Consultation Preparation Not Started  
    Step 3b: Consultation Validation Not started    
    Consult Gateway Expected Summer 2020

    Step 3c:

    Commence Consultation

    Not started  

    Step 3d:

    Collate & Review Responses

    Not started  

    Stage 4: UPDATE & SUBMIT

    At stage 4, the change sponsor may modify their proposals to reflect consultation responses, and will then make a formal submission of the proposal to the CAA.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 4a:

    Update Design

    Not started    

    Step 4b:

    Submit Proposal to CAA

    Not started  

    Stage 5: DECIDE

    At stage 5, the CAA assesses the proposal.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 5a:

    CAA Assessment

    Not started    


    Step 5b:

    CAA Decision

    Not started    

    Decide Gateway  Date yet to be agreed  

    Stage 6: IMPLEMENT

    At stage 6, if approved, the change is implemented.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 6:


    Not started    


    At stage 7, the CAA carries out a review of the change, usually after 12 months of operation.

    Step Current Status Documents

    Step 7:

    Post-Implementation Review

    Not started