• There are expectations on the aviation industry to be transparent about their ongoing operations, which are set out in The Department for Transport’s Air Navigation Guidance.

    Airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) are expected to inform and engage overflown communities about aircraft operational change and change to aircraft movements when changes could have a noise impact on communities.

    These expectations are described in detail from page 129 of CAA Publication 1616. As these changes may impact noise on the ground there is a need for airports to ensure that their local communities have sufficient information to understand the nature and causes of the change. 

    We have collected information from 10 airports and one Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) across the UK (based on current passenger numbers) and provided details on which elements of the guidance they are currently fulfilling. Please find this information by clicking on the organisations below:

    If you have any questions about the information above, email airspace.policy@caa.co.uk

    Last updated:
    October 2020. This information is collected and updated on a seasonal basis, the next update will be published in March 2021.