• The Airspace Modernisation Strategy Support Fund (ASF) is funded through the UK State overflight charging mechanism (en-route unit rate) for commercial air transport. It was established as part of the UK RP3 performance plan, and we expect provision to continue in to a new UK performance plan for the period 2023 to 2027, known as “NR23”. 

    The fund will be collected through the CAA element of the en-route unit rate and administered by the CAA through suitable governance arrangements.

    The dedicated Fund of £2 million per annum in the RP3 is collected monthly in arrears through the Eurocontrol mechanism and remitted to the CAA approximately three to four months after collection. 

    The CAA will only commit funds to projects based on the monies collected to-date; not on any forward expected income. On this basis, the process of allocating funds will be based on bi-annual calls for project proposals.

    If, for any reason, the ASF ceases to function, the CAA will not be liable for any forward commitments to projects.