• Decisions on fund allocation will be based on a simple majority. To achieve this, a quorum of five members is required, two of which should be airline representatives.

    • 2 March 2022
    • 2 October 2022 (TBC)

    Decision Board participants


     Chair  Head of Airspace Modernisation
     Secretariat  Airspace Modernisation Oversight Team
     ATM, Airspace and Aerodromes  Head of AAA
     CNS Policy   CNS&S Policy Lead
     UAS and General Aviation  Head of UAS and GAU
     Flight Ops  Flight Ops Policy Lead
     Innovation  Innovation Strategy Lead
     Space Flight   Head of Commercial Spaceflight
     AMS   Head of Airspace Modernisation Oversight
     Legal   Head of Airspace and Safety Legal Team
     Airline representatives   Airlines UK
     Airline representatives  A4E
     Airline representatives   IATA


    The ASF will be managed by CAA's AMS Monitoring and Oversight (AMO) team. They track and review the performance of successful applicants against the submitted Statement of Works (SoW), and in close collaboration with other relevant CAA departments, such as Finance, Procurement and the Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG).

    All applicants will be notified about the funding decision via email prior to the public announcement.

    Successful applicants will be announced in February 2022.