• ATCO training organisations fall into the following two categories; Initial Training Organisations (ITO) and Training Organisations (TO).

    Initial Training Organisations (ITO)

    ITOs provide the following training:

    • Initial training leading to the issue of student air traffic controller licenses 
    • Rating training
    • Practical Instructor training
    • Assessor training
    • ITOs also carry out the assessments for English language proficiency and assessments of previous competence.

    Training Organisations (TO)

    Providers of Air Traffic Control (ATC) services must also be certified as a Training Organisation to provide the following training.

    • Unit training, leading to the issue of an air traffic controller licence.
    • Unit training leading to the issue of a rating endorsements/unit endorsements.
    • Unit training for the revalidation or renewal of rating endorsements/unit endorsements.
    • Continuation training consisting of refresher training and conversion training where relevant.

    Certification Requirements

    To provide initial training or unit training, ITOs and TOs, must be in possession of a certificate issued by the CAA in accordance with Regulation 2015/340 Annex II, Subpart E.

    To achieve certification the ITO/TO must demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Regulation 2015/340 Annex III (Part ATCO.OR).

    The consolidated version of the regulation is available at the following link ‘Regulation 2015/340 Easy Access version’.

    Application for Certification

    Application for certification as an ITO or TO is made to the CAA on form SRG 1427.

    There is no charge for the issue of a certificate to a TO as this is included within the change for ANSP certification and designation.

    There is a charge associated with the issue of a certificate to an ITO and the appropriate payment must be submitted with the SRG 1427 application. Refer to CAA Scheme of Charges No: 347.

    Applicants for certification as an ITO or TO are also to complete the relevant sections of the Regulation 2015/340 Air Traffic Controllers Licensing and Certification compliance matrix, available at the link below, and submit the completed matrix with their application.

    (Regulation 2015/340 Air Traffic Controllers Licensing and Certification Compliance Matrix Issue 1)

    The compliance matrices should reference applicable supporting documentation, which must also be submitted.