• Regulation (EU) 139/2014 means that you need to notify us of all changes to aerodromes that have the potential to affect the agreed basis for certification, including:

    • Facilities
    • Procedures
    • Policy

    These changes fall into two categories:

    1. Changes that need our approval before the change can take place
    2. Changes that don’t need approval but we still need to be notified about
      • You need our approval for your procedure to manage notification of changes

    Changes that need approval

  • You need approval for changes that 'significantly' affect elements of your management system, including your Safety Management System.1

    We define these changes as 'significant' if they affect:

    • the organisation chart
    • policies
    • safety culture2


    1. ADR.OR.B.040(a)(2)
    2. ADR.OR.D.005(b)(1)&(2)


    Changes to the operation that might change the terms of the certificate include:

    • changes to the permanent level of protection of rescure and firefighting
    • changes to low visibility procedures
    • changes to the declared distances
    • changes to the aerodrome coding
    • changes to the Higher Code Aircraft (as applicable).


    Any changes that impact the CB need our approval, including:

    • constructions affecting sightlines from VCR
    • developments on the movement are (e.g. new aprons)
    • developments which might impact on the movement area (e.g. new or extensions to terminals or piers)

    Note: Significant maintenance projects can have a secondary effect on the Certification Basis. If you're not sure if a maintenance project needs prior approval, notify your Aerodrome Inspector who can advise you.

    Supporting documentation

    When you apply for CB changes you need to include supporting documentation. Full details are in CAP 791, including a process for notifying us.


    1. ADR.OR.B.040
    2. ADR.OPS.B.070


    You also need to apply for approval for the following:

    • changes that make use of an Alternative Means of Compliance
    • changes to procedure that describe how changes not requiring prior approval are managed.


  • If you are applying for us to review an Alternative Means of Compliance


    If our review takes more than three hours, you need to pay an additional charge of £173 per hour for any excess hours.

    If you are applying for changes that are classified as a Major Development


    If our review takes more than six hours, you need to pay an additional charge of £176 per hour for any excess hours.

    See our Scheme of Charges


    Complete SRG 2011 online

    Make sure you submit the form at least 30 days before the proposed change.


  • Contact us

    Email: developments@caa.co.uk

  • Related Information

    • CAP1168 - Guidance Material for Organisations, Operations and Design Requirements for Aerodromes

    • Commission Regulation EU No. 139/2014