• If you are unable to find a CAA or EASA equipment approval number for your radio equipment in the approved equipment list please refer to the CAA records database or ETSO Authorisations / EASA supplemental Type Certifications on the EASA website.

    Approval process

    There are three ways in which equipment may be granted approval:

    1. A European Technical Standard Order Authorisation (ETSOA) applied through and granted by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
    2. A National Aviation Authority (NAA) approval, such as the CAA UK or a JTSO (Joint Technical Standard Order).
    3. Approval at the aircraft level as part of the Type Certificate or change to it (Supplemental Type Certificate, major/minor change).

    Notes on the approval process:

    • ETSOA or NAA equipment approval does not infer any approval to install onto an aircraft.
    • JTSOs and NAA equipment approvals issued prior to 28 September 2003 are equivalent to ETSOA.
    • NAA equipment approvals issued since 28 September 2003 are only valid for use on non-EASA aircraft.

    Apply and contact us

    Information on how to apply for an equipment approval can be found on the EASA website, or you can contact us.

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