• Regulation (EC) 785/2004 - "Insurance Requirements for Air Carriers and Air Operators" defines the minimum level of insurance cover required for all air carriers and air operators.

    Comprehensive information regarding insurance requirements can be found in the Insurance FAQs in the aircraft registration section.

    The Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) and insurance

    Insurance bands are determined by the MTOW of the aircraft. The CAA has received a number of requests from aircraft owners and operators to reduce the MTOW of their aircraft in order to take advantage of lower insurance premiums.

    The embodiment of an approved modification is the only means of permanently changing the declared MTOW of an aircraft. The CAA Applications and Approvals Department must be notified in the even of such a modification.

    Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders

    A scheme exists for AOC holders to vary the Maximum Declared Take-Off Weight (MDTOW) for their aircraft for operational reasons. Further information is available on the MDTOW Scheme Webpage and in FODCOM 20/09 - "Variable Maximum Take-off Weight".

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