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    Our database holds records of UK registered aircraft

    • You can search on any combination of fields
    • If you enter information into the Registration, Serial Number or Aircraft Type/Name fields, you must enter at least two characters
    • If you enter information into the Registered Owner or ICAO 24 bit aircraft address fields, you must enter at least three characters

    New G-INFO search

    Released as part of a programme of work to improve our web based applications, the new G-INFO search retains the existing functionality plus it has the following additional benefits:

    • it is mobile friendly so it will work on any device,
    • all of the content has been incorporated onto one page, removing the need to open multiple pages or tabs in your browser,
    • a new search on military serial numbers has been introduced.

    Search G-INFO for an aircraft

  • Frequently asked questions

  • The CAA is required, by law, to maintain a Register of Aircraft in the UK, to include on it the names and addresses of all persons appearing to it to be qualified to be the owners of the aircraft and to make the register available to any person to inspect. The CAA is therefore required to include your name and address on the register and to make the register available for inspection. This is stated on the application form which an applicant for registration has to complete.

    The Register has always been available for inspection personally or by telephone but the CAA believes that it is necessary in the public interest to make the Register available for inspection on the internet.

    This means that a transaction relating to this aircraft is currently underway at the CAA Aircraft Registration Section. If you are the buyer or seller of this aircraft please contact us for details. If you are not connected with the transaction please note that potential changes of registered ownership are confidential until the Register has been updated, at that point the new registered owner details will appear.

    As long as the words "Trustee of" appear after their name there is no problem. If, however, it appears that the aircraft is registered to an individual when it is in fact group owned please contact us immediately. For further information on how group owned aircraft can be registered see Group Ownership.

    No, G-INFO on the web is a read only tool, to obtain downloadable information see G-INFO on CD or the other information services offered.

    It is intended that the data is updated at the end of each working day. On the results screen the extract date is shown which confirms when the data is accurate to.

    The CAA shares your IP Address with the Police or other enforcement agencies only during the process of their investigations into suspected criminal activity.