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    Performance Based Regulation

    Performance based regulation means developing a comprehensive risk picture with the organisations we regulate and building our knowledge and data to make sure we target our regulation in the areas where it will make the biggest difference.

    Our vision

    To transform the CAA into a Performance Based Regulator, working with industry to demonstrably reduce safety risk across the total aviation system and develop the capabilities required for future regulators.

    Past events

    The second PBR industry conference took place on 29 October 2015 at the Royal Aeronautical Society. An important element of the conference was to hear industry’s views on our progress to date and whether our future work is appropriately focused to achieve the desired safety improvements/outcomes.

    Slides from the day are available below and include presentations from Rolls Royce, EASA, FAA and CANSO. A conference report is also available which describes the outcomes of the conference based on conversations from the day and feedback provided by the delegates in the post conference survey.

    The transformation programme and what it means in practise was introduced to our industry stakeholders at a major conference at the London Gatwick Hilton on 19 May 2014. Over 130 senior industry leaders and accountable managers from across the industry were in attendance. The conference gave the delegates the opportunity to debate the concept and practicalities including the likely benefits and the challenges to both the CAA and themselves.

    A conference report has been produced which includes information about the proceedings and feedback from the industry delegates.

    Useful documents

    CAA International's series of white papers offer valuable insight into the UK CAA's journey to become a Performance-Based Regulator. Previously published in the ICAO Journal, these papers explore some of the UK CAA's challenges and lessons learnt so far, and provide expert guidance for National Aviation Authorities planning to enable Performance-Based Regulation.

    The Performance Based Regulation Industry Group (PBRIG)

    Having received and considered the industry comments resulting from the May 2014 conference, and having consulted the CAA/Industry Safety Improvement Advisory Group (SIAG), a PBR Industry Group was set up with representatives from across all sectors of the industry.

    Aim of the PBRIG

    The aim of the group is to work collaboratively in addressing the issues arising from the conference, with particular emphasis on those related to data sharing, competence in the industry and the regulator for delivering PBR, and benefits identification/realisation. The group also addresses any emerging issues and opportunities encountered along our journey.

    PBRIG Meetings